CreationLab at Palanga Burgomaster Jonas Šliūpas Museum

2024 03 07

CreationLab is an art residency program run by the National Museum of Lithuania and located in one of its branches – Palanga’s Burgomaster Jonas Šliūpas Museum.

The CreationLab provides residents with the opportunity to live and create in Palanga resort. The residency space is suited for local, national and international specialists working in museums, as educators, curators, art critics, art mediators, researchers and practitioners of different culture fields to develop individual projects or group initiatives, implement joint programs with the museum, create interactive artistic tools, engagement programs, workshops, community focused events for learning more about cultural heritage, artifacts and expositions. The residents are invited to engage with the museum’s collections and exhibition spaces and interact with museum audiences.

Professional networking. During the residency program, residents meet mentors, professionals, curators working in the National Museum of Lithuania, and artists from the local art and cultural community. During the meetings, the participants share experiences, have discussions, develop co-creation initiatives, and establish networking.

Local Community Engagement. During the residency, social and cultural engagement of the local community is initiated. The residency program organizes the dissemination of artistic projects to audiences. At the end of the residency, the created work or developed stage is presented to the local community and museum visitors.

Living and working conditions. The residency is located in the largest resort town in Lithuania – Palanga, only 200 meters from the spectacular Baltic seashore, surrounded by golden sand dunes and pine forests. The residence is open all year round. For those who appreciate peace and quiet, we advise to come in the autumn and winter seasons, and for those who like to live and create in the intensive rhythm of the resort – we advise to come in the summer time. The residency building has 5 rooms (double and single bedrooms), two shared showers and a kitchen. There is a common working area with Wifi, a projector, printer, TV screen, and other necessary office equipment. The residency has a working area, a room for meetings and public events.

The call for applications for the CreationLab residency program is announced once or twice per year. Participants are selected by a commission of museum professionals and invited experts.

The residency space was established in 2021. 2021–2022 CreationLab residency program was designed for educators, creators of educational programmes, cultural players, creative practitioners, and other professionals from Lithuanian museums and galleries, to live and create socially engaged educational programs, cultural products that reflect the needs of the target audience and the local community.

CreationLab (KŪRYBATORIJA) 2021
CreationLab (KŪRYBATORIJA) 2022

Vytauto g. 23A, LT 00135 Palanga, Lithuania
Tel. +370 612 86114

KURYBATORIJA 2021 Rezidencija Jono Sliupo Muziejus 2