Festival of stories “My Migration Story”

The festival of stories “My Migration Story” is inviting to spend a day together while sharing and listening to stories about homecoming, home searching and living abroad.

When? The 16th of September 2023 from 11 to 20 o‘clock
Where? At the House of Histories, T. Kosciuškos St. 3, Vilnius.
What else? The event is free of charge, some activities requires pre-registration.

Healthy Qigong and Taijiquan embody traditional forms of exercise that combine physical movement, mindful meditation, and controlled breathing. These practices effectively alleviate stress arising from daily life, promote mental and physical health, and contribute to preventing chronic illnesses, back pain, and insomnia. They aid in achieving a balance between your professional and personal aspects of life, ultimately fostering a longer and improved quality of life.

The event will be held in English and is free of charge.

Pre-registration, comfortable sports clothes and a yoga mat are required.

“Swallow‘s kiss” is a touching story about a refugee family in London. The story is based on the book “Swallow’s Kiss” by British author Sita Brahmachari. The book was created by interacting with people living in a migrant center in London and authentically conveys the experiences of people fleeing war, persecution and other disasters.

An educational workshop where children can make Wish Birds will be held before the show.

During the performance, Hyguette Mbwaya from Congo, who has been living in Lithuania for 10 years, will sing in her native Lingala language and teach children games from her country.

The event will be held in Lithuanian and is free of charge.

During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultures of the Philippines (Merienda – Filipino snacks) and Jordan (Petra Bakery & Shawarma).

There will be food, games, photos, and stories about Philippine culture: “My name is Anna Celina Varanavicius from Manila, Philippines, a full-time mom, homemaker & food lover, and I am proud of my country and my heritage, especially of Filipino food, that is why I would like to introduce Filipino food and flavors to Lithuania, through my small home business – Merienda – Filipiniečių Užkandžiai/ Filipino snacks. I will bring you snacks from the Philippines and as well as homemade treats, in addition to a wide array of Philippine-made products and handicrafts that reflect the creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Filipino people.”

Ethiopian coffee tasting with Eskedar Maštavičiene. Paid (30 eur) with registration.

Join us for the ultimate cultural adventure at Vilnius and Beyond Quiz! From the heart of Vilnius to the far corners of the world, test your knowledge of countries and cultures with engaging questions. This game is a celebration of diversity, so bring your team of up to 6 people or join a group on spot and get ready to expand your horizons.

Founded by Narmin Aliyeva who has over 7 years of experience in playing and organizing quizzes and has participated in several quiz TV shows in Azerbaijan. The quiz will take place in the cafe in the House of Histories, drinks and snacks will be available.

The quiz will be held in English and is free of charge, we recommend pre-register.

Stories from around the world on the theme of Home and a bowl of soup during the break. Everyone’s welcome to tell their story.

Whether it be for work, love, adventure, or refuge, we are always seeking Home. Home is a feeling that we can’t quite explain, yet are always trying to find or create. We invite you to tell stories of what Home is for you. Share your experience of migration and the longing for Home. Tell us about finding Home in unexpected places.

“Soup&Story” Storytelling Night’ is a storytelling event, where you can listen to stories told by others, share your own story, meet, and mingle with likeminded people!

An international storyteller Milda Varnauskaitė will be the host of the night. You can read more about her work and journey into storytelling here: www.storytellermilda.com

If you want to tell a story during the event, drop a line at .

The Garfunkels – International Choir of Vilnius is a new vocal ensemble, created just a few months ago by Belgian musician Matthieu Bruyndonckx. Around 25 singers, gather every Wednesday evening in Vilnius Academy of Art, aiming to fulfil two simple goals: experience JOY and create BEAUTY. Expats, locals, international workers, Erasmus students, diplomats, beginners or more advanced, from more than 15 nationalities, …our fantastic group is performing miracles by uniting our various voices in the universal language that is music. We sing gospel and spirituals, as well as pop or folk songs in English, French, Lithuanian (and many more to come soon).

Event will be held in English.

“Vilna Klezmer Trio” is a masterful ensemble dedicated to the art of klezmer music, inspired by legendary American klezmer musicians from Ukraine and Eastern Europe, such as Dave Tarras and Naftule Brandwein. The trio’s musicians, whose musical experience is diverse: jazz, free improvisation, rock, various ethnic and folk genres, complement their mesmerizing klezmer repertoire with Balkan, Middle Eastern and Caucasian melodies, creating a truly unique and memorable musical experience for every listener.
The concert is free of charge.

Everyone is welcome at the festival: while the adults listen to other stories and tell their own, the little participants will engage in educational activities together with the Story House educators.
Throughout the festival, we will invite participants and visitors to share their migration stories, which will complement the exhibition “World Sized Lithuania: Our Migration Story”.
There is no Jewish holiday without Jewish food characteristic of that holiday, so the culinary heritage of the Litvaks is an integral part of the presented culture. Historians claim that bagels originate from the territory of Lithuania and Poland. The bagel was born in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and became popular in the USA. By inviting Vilnius communities to bake bagels together, we are consistently reviving and creating the history of Lithuanian culinary heritage representing Lithuania.
Under the roof of the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) community, perhaps the only Jewish cafe serving kosher food in Vilnius, “Beigelių krautuvėlė”, opened its doors in 2016. Jewish food is still prepared here according to old and modern recipes, holidays are celebrated, and Jewish food education is organized.

During the entire event, visitors will have the opportunity to get to know and purchase Litvak culinary heritage.