City of Vilnius


16th c. Clay. Vilnius, territory of the former Bishops’ Palace

Money boxes

16th-17th c. Clay, glaze. Vilnius, territory of the former Bishops’ Palace


End of 14th c. Leather, metal. Vilnius, Trakų St. 9

Pair of children’s shoes

16th c. Leather. Vilnius, territory of the former Bishops’ Palace

Man’s grave goods: a brooch, a belt, a knife, a razor, fragments of Lithuanian ingots, a fire striker, an axe, a spearhead

End of 13th c. – 14th c. Brass, silver, iron, leather, wood, flint. Vilnius, Verkiai grave field, grave 12

Pieces of board games

15th-16th c. Bone. Vilnius, territory of the former Bishops’ Palace

Cylindrical padlock

15th-16th c. Iron. Vilnius, Maironio St. 11

The collection includes more than 600 complexes of finds from various locations of the city of Vilnius. As excavations in the city intensified in the last decades of the 20th century, the museum’s collections were supplemented with finds from a large number of objects in the city of Vilnius: residential and auxiliary buildings, streets and squares, churches, monasteries and adjacent old cemeteries. Elements of the interiors and exteriors of buildings, household and luxury utensils, weapons and other exhibits allow us to get better acquainted with the development of the city of Vilnius and the lifestyle of its citizens. The collection includes metal, ceramic, leather, textile and wooden artefacts, among which unique leather shoes from the late 14th – early 15th century, silver purse fittings from the late 16th century, a silver gilded belt from the late 16th – early 17th century, among others, can be distinguished. The majority of 14th–18th century finds come from objects located in the Old Town.

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