Hillforts and settlements

Seredžius hill fort

Excavations of Dumblynė settlement in 2000

Household pottery: pots with corded, smooth, polished, coarse and pinched surface

1st millennium. Ceramic. Aukštadvaris, Bakšiai, Norkūnai hill forts and settlements


Beg. of 1st millennium. Stone. Nemenčinė hill fort

Agricultural tools: a pick, ploughshares, sickles, scythes

14th c. Iron. Maišiagala hill fort

The Iron Age archaeology collection consists of finds from the excavated hill forts and settlements of the first and early second millennium: Aukštadvaris, Nemenčinė, Bradeliškiai, Migonys, Pajevonis, Kaukai, Maišiagala, Imbarė, Eketė, Daubariai, Mažuloniai, Bakšiai, Paverkniai, Vedriai, Opstainiai, and Zubriai. These are mainly ceramic ware and work tools.

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