Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Jogaila. Denar. Circa 1386–1387

Silver, Ø 15,4 mm, p – 0,81 g. Found in the territory of Vilnius Lower Castle in 2003 (archaeologist Gintautas Striška)

Ancient counterfeit of a “test grout” of Alexander of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 1856

Silver, Ø 30 mm, p – 4,79 g. From the collections of Kazimierz Stronczyński, later – Władysław Bartynowski. Donated to National Museum of Lithuania by numismatist Lech Kokociński (Warsaw)

Coin albums with coins of the Roman Empire

From the collections of the Society of Lovers of Science that operated in Vilnius (1907–1941)

Sweden. Karl X Gustav. 8 dalers. 1659. Avesta

Copper, 32,5 × 61,6 × 0,9 cm, p – 14,4 kg. Plate was found while expanding the Riga airport in 1901. From the collections of Vilnius Museum of Antiquities

Lithuania. 100 litas. 2000. Dedicated to Grand Duke Vytautas (from the series “Rulers of Lithuania”)

Designer Antanas Žukauskas (after a medallion “Vytautas” by sculptor Vytautas Kašuba). Mint of Lithuania. Gold, Ø 22,3 mm, p – 7,75 g

The collection covering the period from Classical Antiquity to our days holds circulation, occasional, and souvenir coins, fake coins of various countries of the world, as well as Lithuanian, Russian and Japanese silver ingots from the 11th–19th centuries, three 17th–18th century Swedish 2-, 4- and 8-daler pieces of plate money, and collections of coins of various countries. A collection of contemporary Lithuanian coins given to the museum by the Bank of Lithuania is being accumulated.
Coins from excavations in Lithuanian cities, towns, manor places and villages, as well as loose coins whose place of finding is known have been distinguished into a separate group. The majority of coins come from excavations in Central Lithuania, the city of Vilnius and the territory of the Palace of the Rulers of the GDL. These are rare coins from the principalities and partial principalities of the GDL (Kiev, Smolensk, Novgorod Seversky) from the 1380s to the 15th century, coins of the Golden Horde and the Teutonic Order, which are rare in Lithuania, denars of Jogaila and Jadwiga of Poland (circa 1384–1387), copper grouts with counterstamps of August III of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, etc. The collection is constantly supplemented with coins from excavations, which each year constitute approximately a third of all acquisitions of the Numismatic Department.

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