Trunk. Early 20th c. Šakiai district, Pajotijai village

Chest of drawers – trunk. Early 20th c. Kupiškis district

Trunk. 19th c. Raseiniai district, Viduklė

Table. Middle of 19th c. Kretinga district, Šventoji village

The furniture collection reflects the development of peasants’ living space and interior, as well as ethnographic features. The group of the earliest exhibits consists of tubs, troughs, dressers and cribs – simple, carved from wood, or more complex, plaited from twigs or splinters. A group of furniture from a later period is comprised of armoires and dressers, trunks, chests of drawers, shelves, tables, beds and cots, couches, chairs, armchairs and towel holders made by carpenters and joiners. The artefacts are decorated with carvings, openwork, relief carving, and polychromous painting, and starting from the late 19th century – with machine-shaped details. The most numerous group in the collection is furniture for keeping textiles and clothing, and chests are distinguished by their decorativeness.

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