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About the project

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the founding of Vilnius, a new exhibition space will appear in Lithuania’s capital – a pavilion entitled “Vilnius 200 years ago”. Visitors will be invited to get to know the city of the 19th century and the people who lived there. At the heart of the exhibition will be a model of Vilnius created on the basis of unique archival material, showing the city as a living organism.

This project is based on extensive research on the city of Vilnius and its architecture and inhabitants of two centuries ago, carried out at the National Museum of Lithuania between 2018 and 2022 under the leadership of Associate Professor Dr. Birutė Vitkauskienė. This temporary exhibition space has been designed by a duo of architects – Dalia Puodžiūtė and Julius Seniūnas. Their architectural idea “Atlas” won an open competition organized by the Lithuanian National Museum and the Architecture Foundation.

This project is part of the Vilnius 700th anniversary program. The organizer of this celebration is the Vilnius City Municipality, and the program is being curated by the Vilnius Tourism and Business Development Agency “Go Vilnius”. This program is funded by the Vilnius City Municipality and the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. For more information on the anniversary program, please visit

About the project
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The “Vilnius 200 Years Ago” Pavilion


2023 05 13 – 2023 10 15

The “Vilnius 200 Years Ago” Pavilion

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Everyday from 12.00 to 20.00
You can visit The “Vilnius 200 Years Ago” Pavilion and events happening in it free of charge.

This model is open to self-discovery

This exhibition centres on a model of Vilnius as it looked in the 19th century, and is accompanied by audio narratives, music, and video projections. The pavilion’s presentation is divided into 60-minute cycles. During one cycle, visitors will hear 8 audio narratives, each lasting up to 4 minutes. After that, visitors are invited to explore the model.

General visitor regulations of the National Museum of Lithuania

Information for disabled visitors: The “Vilnius 200 Years Ago” Pavilion has wheelchair access.

Excursion “Ikh bin a vilner. The splendor and poverty of Jewish Vilnius” with well-known city guide Marius Galadauskas will take place in the pavilion.

For excursions in English please contact the guide directly: , +37061232230



Arsenalo g. 1, Vilnius

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How to find us?

The pavilion is located in front of the monument to King Mindaugas, next to the New Arsenal of the Lithuanian National Museum (Arsenalo str. 1).

The nearest paid parking lot is T. Kociuškos st. 1a.

The pavilion can also be reached by public transport – Karalius Mindaugas stop (buses 2, 3, 4, 17, 6g, 10), Arkikatedra stop (buses 10, 11, 33).