Lithuanian deportees in Usol, in Siberia at the barracks of a former work camp

Irkutsk district, 16 April 1949

Lithuanian deportees at forestry works

Tanzybey, Krasnoyarsk district, 1952

ID of deportee Rozalija Klimavičienė issued by the Home Affairs Department of Smolenskoye district of Altay Region in 1941

The backside of the document has markings of the commandant’s office ending in June 1942, when Klimavičienė with her daughter were transferred from Altay to a new place of deportation – Trofimovsk in Yakutia. Such documents were issued to deportees in lieu of passports

Handwork embroidered by Juzė Šukštienė in Kazakhstan work camps in 1951

The collection consists of over 12 thousand exhibits related with the pre-war and post-war deportation of Lithuanian residents. The majority are photographs and negatives. There are a considerable number of personal documents, letters, greeting cards, personal belongings, handicrafts, work tools and household items of deportees. The collection includes a portable altar donated to the museum by the deportee, Reverend Vincas Algirdas Pranckietis, and a collection of photographic negatives reflecting the life of the deportees to the Irkutsk district, as well as letters written in deportation by President Aleksandras Stulginskis and his wife Ona Matulaitytė-Stulginskienė, which were given to the museum by their daughter Aldona Juozevičienė.

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