Eustachy Tyszkiewicz (1814–1873), count, historian, collector, father of Lithuanian archaeology, founder of the Vilnius Temporary Archaeological Commission and Vilnius Museum of Antiquities

Sculptor Kazimierz Jelski. 1854. Toned gypsum

Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746–1817), military engineer, general, leader of the uprising of 1794

Unknown sculptor. 19th c. Toned gypsum

Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas (circa 1275–1341)

Sculptor Elena Skirmantaitė-Skirmantienė. 1870. Bronze

Head of a Boy

Artist Alfred Römer. 1883. Terra-cotta

Lithuanian school in 1864–1904

Sculptor Petras Rimša. 1914. Gypsum


Unknown sculptor. 20th c. Marble. Former property of the Lozoraitis family

The sculpture collection holds 19th–20th century sculptures – portrait busts, bass reliefs, plaquettes, monument projects and models. The most valuable part consists of works by 19th century Lithuanian sculptors Kazimierz Jelski, Alfred Römer, Elena Skirmantaitė-Skirmantienė and Mark Antokolsky. Among the 20th century artists, works by Rapolas Jakimavičius, Petras Rimša, Juozas Zikaras, Bronius Pundzius, Konstantinas Bogdanas, and Gediminas Karalius should be distinguished. From the historical viewpoint, sculptures of the Soviet period, recently supplemented by the creative heritage of sculptor Petras Vaivada, have considerable value. The collection also includes some Western European sculptures, and works of sacral art form a separate group.

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