Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas

Unknown artist. 18th c. Oil on canvas

Stanisław Warszewicki (1527–1591), first rector of the Vilnius Jesuit College (1570–1573)

Unknown artist. 1693. Oil on canvas

Petras Skarga (1536–1612), first rector of the Vilnius Academy (1579–1584)

Unknown artist. End of 17th c. Oil on canvas

Jan Karol Chodkiewicz (1560–1621), Elder of Samogitia (1599–1616), Field Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1600–1605), Grand Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1605–1621), Vilnius Voivode (1616–1621), founder of the Kražiai college (1614)

Unknown artist. 17th c. Oil on canvas

Darata Zenavičiūtė-Šorcienė, endower of the Norviliškės church and the monastery of Franciscan Conventuals

Unknown artist. After 1618. Copper, oil, gilding

Virgin and Child with St Anne

Unknown artist. 1st half 17th c. Wood, oil, gilding on bole. From the Marcinkonys parochial church (Varėna district)

Monks of major monastic orders and lay people worship St Thomas Aquinas

Unknown artist. 1st half 18th c. After I. Piccina’s copper engraving of 1686. Wood, oil, gilding and silvering on bole. Altar part from the Paparčiai parochial church (Kaišiadorys district)

Sisters of mercy tend to injured French soldiers in the hospital of the Monastery of the Congregation of the Mission

Unknown artist. 1st half 19th c. Oil on canvas

St Bartholomew’s Church in Užupis

Artist Wincenty Sleńdziński. 1887. Oil on canvas

Castle Hill and its foot

Unknown artist. Late 19th – early 20th c. Oil on canvas

View of Vilnius from Tauras Hill

Artist Stanisław Jarocki. 1921. Oil on canvas

Congress of Lutsk in 1429 (Vytautas the Great in Lutsk Castle)

Artist Stasys Ušinskas. 1939. Oil on canvas. Exhibit of the Lithuanian pavilion in New York World’s Fair in 1939

Noblemen invite Stephen Báthory to take the throne

Artist Gerő Daday. Before 1935. Oil on canvas

The nucleus of the painting collection consists of the iconography of the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. These are portraits of rulers, military leaders, and famous political and cultural figures (the earliest date to the early 17th century), views of historical locations and events of Lithuania executed in various painting techniques. These are works by the outstanding Lithuanian painters Jan Damel, Jan Rustem, Wincenty Dmochowski, Alfred Römer, Petras Kalpokas, Adomas Galdikas, Jonas Buračas, Augustinas Savickas, Vincas Kisarauskas and others. The iconographic collection of 19th and 20th century views of Vilnius is valuable and interesting. An important part is works of sacral art (the earliest exhibit dates to the first half of the 17th century), representing Christian – Catholic and Eastern Orthodox – as well as Buddhist iconography. The collection also contains a considerable number of propaganda paintings from the Soviet period and is constantly supplemented with works by contemporary artists.

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