Exhibition “Contemporary Lithuanian calligraphy“

Exhibition “Contemporary Lithuanian calligraphy“


The Kazys Varnelis House-Museum for the first time presents an exhibition of contemporary Lithuanian calligraphy with the participation of twenty artists.

Their works were created in the last decade. All in all, the exhibition includes almost 100 calligraphic compositions not only from Lithuania, but also from Israel and Montenegro. Works by well-known calligraphers of the older generation, such as Albertas Gurskas, are presented along with works by younger artists like Greta Surauciute, Ieva Liaugaudaite, Erikas Siliuk and others.

Works at the exhibition are created using various techniques and materials, both customary traditional and modern: calligraphic brushes, metal dip pens, bamboo, wooden plates, oil crayons, Indian ink, acrylic paint, calligraphy on textile, calligraphy on metal, silkscreen, digital press and other kinds of artist’s techniques.

The works are characterised by a large variety of both techniques and styles – from masterfully written texts, decorative baroque letters, to the Zenga tradition of spontaneous calligraphy. It clearly shows that calligraphy in Lithuania has long and strong traditions, is an important part of Lithuania’s cultural scene and is becoming even more popular, all the more that today, with the appearance of new information technologies, the needs of typeface and calligraphy are changing, and the legibility of text becomes a thing of secondary importance or even unnecessary, and more value is attached to the impact of calligraphic art on spiritual growth and the development of the artist’s and the viewer’s aesthetic sense.

The aim of the exhibition is to present contemporary Lithuanian calligraphy, reveal its variety, promote it and make it more accessible to the public, to develop society’s understanding of calligraphy, bring together professional artists and encourage them to create.

Exhibition “Contemporary Lithuanian calligraphy“ is devoted to the 100 th anniversary of the history of calligraphy in Lithuania and will be open until 12 April 2020.

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